Last Minute Applicant is dedicated to presenting innovative work that pushes the boundaries of contemporary and modern dance aesthetic. Our choreography incorporates innovative vocabulary and structure into all new works and hopes to inspire and challenge audience members with unconventional and complex work. Last Minute Applicant includes performers from diverse artistic and performance backgrounds who contribute their idiosyncratic interpretations and voices to the company’s choreography and presentation.

Last Minute Applicant has presented work at numerous venues, including Marie-Christine Giordano’s Artists’ Salon; HATCH Presenting Series at Jennifer Muller/The Works; Dances at MuCCC in Rochester, NY; Small Plates Choreography Festival in Newburgh, NY; and The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

Dancers and Contributing Artists:

Leigh Ann Kabatra, Artistic Director

Deborah Chambers

Elektra Ditto

Malia Wee

Last Minute Applicant is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Last Minute Applicant must be made payable to Fractured Atlas only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Here's What We've Been Working On


This piece was created through a Solo Choreography class at Mills College. It is inspired by the rhythm and pace of life in the South. It was performed at the Bay Area Dance Exchange at Stanford University in November 2012. It was also performed as part of the Small Plates Dance Festival in Newburgh, NY in March 2018.

photo by Maiya Elliott

Elektra small plates.jpg


“Dissociate” explores the phenomenon of repressed memories. The dancers separate from each other early in the piece and continue their performances completely detached from each other. While some of their movements mimic each other, the dancers never acknowledge each other and represent a person’s inability to access or clarify a memory. “Dissociate” premiered at HATCH Presenting Series, provided by Jennifer Muller/The Works, in New York in March 2018.



“Dimensional” is an evening length work inspired by depictions of characters’ perception in Jean Rhys’s novel Wide Sargasso Sea and by principles of refraction. This quartet requires both physical and verbal interactions among the dancers and often obscures parts of the interactions from the audience, forcing the audience to draw conclusions about the dancers’ relationships. “Dimensional” premiered at The Living Gallery in Brooklyn, NY, in November 2017.

wooden floor.jpg

Upcoming Performances

Uncanny Montage

This quartet is inspired by Stan Douglas's work Win, Place, or Show. Win, Place, or Show displays video footage on two separate panels in different combinations that will not overlap for at least 20,000 hours. Viewers can decide how the combinations of footage may be linked or related or how the relationships may change as the visual combinations change. This piece uses two simultaneous duets to replicate this effect. The duets perform phrases that sometimes overlap or sometimes look completely disparate; it is up to the audience to decide if the duets are related or how they are related.

“Uncanny Montage” was shown at Fertile Ground, a showcase for works in progress, in Long Island City, NY, in April 2018. It will be performed at Dances at MuCCC in Rochester, NY, in June 2018.



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